Comment on the Evolve HDMI DAC, by Essence Electrostatic

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This post is actually a comment for the following web page:

I bought the DAC Evolve HDMI from Essence Electrostatic, and am very pleased with it.

I was looking for a simple DAC (and a not-too-much-expensive one, I’m not enough of an audiophile to pour a lot of money into it) that could take HDMI as input and give back the video signal. That is exactly what the Evolve does, and it does so with an incredible quality. As I already said, I’m no audiophile specialist, but I note that I listen a lot more (and with much more pleasure too) to music since I got that DAC.

Beyond the product itself, the contact with Essence Electrostatic was very pleasant. They1 answered quickyly and clearly all my questions and the order and delivery went smoothly (as someone living outside of the US, the order process was a little exotic, since you have to fill an order form and wait for a Paypal invoice to pay).

In conclusion: excellent product, excellent service, would buy again. :]

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